Alistair Cran

Alistair’s consulting and IT career includes working for global organisations such as PriceWaterhouseCoopers,
NCR Teradata and Cap Gemini, as well as participating as owner, director and employee in four start-ups.

He has lived and worked in the UK, Europe, Asia, Australasia and North America.

His positive experiences of applying Spirit Leadership Organisation practices led to his working in this field.


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How We Work


Asking questions, seeking to understand how the world works is where this all begins. During difficult times, we may choose to go courageously into new spaces and learn more about ourselves. Reflections and Insights, often called 'light bulb' or 'aha' moments can come to us.

​What is the right question, and when should it be asked? Developing a 'Spirit of Inquiry' is an artform all in itself.

Teaching and learning, are processes that go on throughout the arc of our lives. Some people may make it to the highest levels of human development. The law of personal responsibility holds us all to account for the decisions we make and the actions we take, for there are always consequences. Looking at ourselves through our own eyes offers one perspective. As we evolve in the infinite spiral of life, so can our ability to hold 2nd and 3rd person perspectives, bringing greater self-awareness and leadership capacity.

Reflection; ​A coach with whom we really connect will observe and reflect in a mirror-like way many other 'views' in order that we may accelerate our learning.

Integration and evolution of Mind, Speech and Body, can lead to profound awakening and transformation in our lives. By building practice into our daily activities such as Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, Exercise and Mindfulness our awareness opens up. The highest expression of these practices is where we operate in the world with love and compassion, firstly for ourselves and then extend this out to all those around us.

Mindfulness Science shows us that we have 'minds' (neural networks) in our head, heart and our gut. Each mind has a different purpose. The heart operates in the realm of feelings, the head with options, analysis and ideas while our gut defines our identity and gives energy to mobilise from.  When we make decisions in today's complex world we need to connect all these minds. This type of decision-making leads to the highest expression of being a human in the world, being our best selves at all times, only one's self to compete with.

Love is the essence. The more love we have in our life, the happier we are and the more energy we have. In many ways, love and energy are the same things. Wisdom cultures have understood this for centuries. Your journey is your journey and mine is mine, and it is possible they might intertwine for some reason, who knows what that might be?