We need you now... Step into revolutionary leadership, a space called Spirit 







Spirit Leadership Program is about deepening safety and trust in teams, known to be the key factors in overall team performance.

Practices and Coaching across the spectrum of inner, interpersonal and outer work are at the heart of this program.

These new ways of working integrate into day-to-day behaviours that become permanent, for both the individual and organisation, generating new levels of Peace, Trust and Results. 

The program is designed for cohorts of up to ten people at a time operating within a service line, across functions or in a project team dynamic, typically agile.


At the start of the journey, organisational awareness may be reviewed using an Integral measurement survey, then again later as changes occur. 

The program is flexible at a number of levels, including a mix of practices and timeframes.

Typically, 90-day cycles of Group (up to 10 people), Pod (3-4 people) & Dyad (2 people) over 6 to 12 months provide the best return on investment.

An important aspect of program design is the ability to customise for any organisational culture, country or 'Worldview'.